Mistress Jewels

In Person & On Line Sessions That Will Bring you To your Knees

you Ache to Surrender...

To feel My fingers graze the back of your neck as I collar you… Are you worthy? I certainly hope so, but I will be the judge of that.

Maybe you are new to exploring the mysterious taboo of Kink and BDSM. I absolutely love guiding newbies so you are in good hands, My precious.

Perhaps you are a long time player looking for a new adventure, 

Either way, you’ll be so stunned In My presence, you won’t know whether to beg for mercy or beg for more!

Being a Pro Domme Is Everything.

I get to be the naughty artist I was born to be and you get to be My canvas. 

your complete submission to Me and My loving authority is an opportunity to experience a depth of intimacy that regular life can’t possibly offer. I take control and spin you ever tighter in My web and you drop deeper and deeper into sub space…

No thinking. No decisions. No Responsibility. I have you.



In-person or On-line sessions designed with your darkest fantasies in mind.



In-person or On-line Coaching, great for newbies or kinky people struggling to share it with partners.



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Personalized Sessions

Every session is uniquely customized.

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Escape The Mundane

Total immersion into a fantasy world where anything is possible.

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Total Bliss

Let go and allow Me to take you deeper.

How It Works

Step 1: Apply for a session

Fill out My application thoughtfully and thoroughly. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Step 2: Phone Interview

We have a 20 minute phone chat to make sure we are a great fit.

Step 3: Pleasure and Pain

Experience a truly awe inspiring adventure.

Praise For Mistess Jewels

What you Get

What Are you Waiting For?

When people have a safe place to be their kinky selves, they come alive. That is what My work is really all about.
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